Friday, December 5, 2008

The Hot Chocolate Cafe, Medan Damansara

I've driven past this place numerous times but never made it a point to try it out. A quick check on my blackberry found reviews on this place like...

"Tucked deep into the Damansara Heights neighbourhood, Hot Chocolat makes for a good hideaway eatery. The laid-back and unpretentious atmosphere puts you right at home."

"Another great place for Italian. This time it's at a cosy little place in Damansara Heights. Sitting at a corner shoplot amongst the quiet Damansara Heights neighbourhood lies Hot Chocolate Cafe."

"QUIET ambience, easy parking and lovely Italian food - that's the lure of a little cafe tucked away in Damansara Heights, I HAVE many reasons for going back again and again to The Hot Chocolate Cafe."

...To put it bluntly i wish i had just kept it that way.

The decor and ambience was kind of haphazardly laid back and the place looked kind of tired and i'm sure it has seen better days.
I was greeted by a chiller with some sad looking "Royal Chocolate cake" and the waitress that only recommended the high price items on the menu( which was of an Italian Thai spread).
So we decided on Pesto Salmon ($26) which had a watery cream and bits of cili padi and beware lots of tiny little bones in the salmon.
The other order was Abbacio Roma (lamb chops $22) which was as tough as anything you can imagine. It came with sad looking veg and a really sour mint sauce generously poured over the chops. You can get the same dish at Mama Chops & Papa Grills for less minus the frills. And before i forget an order of cold stale garlic bread.
So far so bad, as i gestured to the waitress to clear the table and to order the the signature chocolate cake she instead brought me my bill and thankfully end this ordeal.
I'm really easy to please foodwise, but as a rule of thumb i will find it very difficult to come back to a restaurant that serves dishes that i can make better.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Rear-seat dilemma for parents with four children

(pic of irresponsible parents endangering their children by overloading.)


SUNGAI PETANI: Parents with four children are confused as to how they are to seat all their children into the back of the car without being caught for overloading.

“We cannot leave a child behind in the house when going out, neither can we afford to buy another vehicle to adjust to the new requirement on rear seat belts,” lamented trader Nordin Ahmad from Bandar Perdana Jasmin.
Nordin, 44, drives an Iswara Aeroback and is worried how he, his wife and four children would fit into their car without running the risk of being stopped by a policeman.
(Its statements like these that is why we have such high fatalities when a road mishap occurs, its not about being able or not to afford a bigger vehicle. Its this fuckin 'Tidak Apa" attitude that contributes to road fatalities.)

Road Safety Department director-general Datuk Suret Singh has warned that motorists with more than three rear seat passengers could be fined for "OVERLOADING".

“I am a low-income earner and have no other choice but to use only my Iswara for family travels. It is unfair to hold the driver responsible for ferrying more than three children in the rear seats,” said Nordin whose children ranged from seven to 13 years of age.(Its mentalities like these that we have first class infrastructure with 3rd class users.)

Restaurant operator Yeow Boon Fey, 44, from Taman Legenda Indah, said he would now have problems going out with his four children, aged between three and 15, his wife Yong Nyok Ching, 40, and mother Kong Yoke Mooi, 68.

“Tell me, what should I do? Should I buy another car or leave behind my mother or some of my children? I am confused.
( For starters JPJ should revoke this fuckers driving license, we don't need morons like these on our roads. Statements like these really gets to me! Hello fuckhead the law says "NO OVERLOADING" which is the No.1 cause of high fatalities on Malaysian roads.)

“The authorities should be less rigid when imposing the regulations. We are not operating taxis but only want to take our family out in our car,” said Yeow, who has a Viva fitted with rear seat belts.
(A Viva is ideally designed to carry 4 passengers and for fuck sake can't you get it in your head? have you ever heard of the word SAFETY!!)
Kindergarten teacher Suzana Abdul Aziz, 38, from Taman Seri Jenaris, who also has four children, aged between five and 12, said although her family had a second car, they relied on their Iswara for balik kampung trips.

Mohd Desa Saidin, 42, a clerk at the National Registration Department in Kulim and married with four children aged between six and 13, said wearing rear seat belts was no guarantee that accidents would not endanger passengers’ lives.
“Even with all the safety measures, there are fatal accidents. What about accidents involving buses where many passengers die? Buses do not have safety belts,” he said.
(Another selfish fucked up statement, hell i know there are no guarantees in life but what harm is there to adhere to the rules for your families safety and others!!)

I'm all for the rear seat belts ruling and for the enforcement of overloading in passenger cars. I'm not discriminating againts big families, but when you decide to pack your car up like a sardine can and endanger other motorist around you its not about being rich or poor. Its about being a responsible person.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Yoga Prohibited

National Fatwa Council declares that yoga practice which involves physical movements, worshipping, and chantings is prohibited in Islam /The STAR

Thats it then... ooops we can't comment on fatwa's because the countries top cop will lock those up who do.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Bruce Willis sues Petra, Tunku Imran as green venture turns sour

LOS ANGELES, Nov 21 — Hollywood actor Bruce Willis of “Die Hard” fame is suing Malaysia’s Petra Group and Tunku Imran Tuanku Ja’afar over a “green rubber venture”, Bloomberg news reported today.

The actor is demanding the return of US$900,000 (RM3.2 million) of the US$2 million he invested in the venture.

According to court papers filed in federal court in Los Angeles, California, Petra's chief executive Datuk Vinod B. Shekhar and Tunku Imran had induced him to invest in a company that was developing a non-toxic and recyclable rubber.

Willis had a put option, whereby for a specified period time he could get a full refund of his investment, according to the complaint. He exercised the option on March 17, Willis said, according to the Bloomberg report.

Willis said in his filing that he was told former US Vice-President Al Gore and actor Mel Gibson had also invested in the company, Elastomer Technologies Ltd.

I guess they won't be expecting any christmas cards from Bruce Willis this year.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


The Umno disciplinary board has been asked to speed up its investigations into the 900 plus complaints of money politics it has received so that those found guilty would not be able to contest in the party polls next March.

Rais Yatim said he had been asked to pay for votes in an upcoming contest for top posts, and warned that money politics would destroy the organisation.
Foreign Minister Rais Yatim said "the majority" of Umno members were more interested in making money out of the election than in voting for the right person.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) is allowed to investigate cases involving money politics in the run up to the Umno party elections in December.

So why the fuck can't UMNO disciplinary council take any action. Hello its already bad enough that the fate of this country is left in the hands of 2000 odd voters. It can't be that all of the complaints are false or lacking in evidence to take any action. Can't they even find 5% of the cases to make examples of? Corruption is corruption, why one set of rules for the political parties to decide disciplinary action? What the fuck is the ACA doing?

Only in Malaysia where money politics is so openly discussed and not denied. So why the fuck does the government complain everytime the country slides down some corruption index.

I don't know how far its true when Tun Mahathir said that he will publish the names of money politics offenders so if he does that would make some interesting reactions.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Mat Rempit.....The SCUM of Society

(Photo from TheStar, Khairy second from right and Azeez far right.)
The latest case of a 44 year old woman fighting for her life after being attacked by mat rempits have really got me boiling. The cases are now more rampant and its getting out of control. Make's me want to take my Land Rover out and mow these fucking scums of the earth down. These fuckers don't deserve any sympathy and i'm taking my que from Federal CID Chief's statement in The Malay Mail urging the public to help fight these Mat Rempits.

But the real fuckers behind glorifying these scum are none other than Putera Umno chief Datuk Abdul Azeez for legitimizing them and classifying them as Mat Cemerlang. This is the fucker that wanted to turn Mat Rempits into an asset of Putera Umno and their races into a "tourist attraction".

Deputy Umno Youth leader Khairy Jamaludin at one time suggested recruiting these kamikaze Mat Rempits as Umno youth members. The suggestion by Khairy that "Mat Rempits" should become the "Eyes and Ears" for the Malaysian Police Force is a fucking insult!

The police should instead arrest Khairi and Azeez for promoting illegal activities and endangering public lives. They were the propogators of this social menace. If the HINDRAF leaders can be locked up for their activities then tell me whats the difference between HINDRAF and Umno Putera/Youth. Why is one group locked up and another scott free to terrorize. Where the fuck are they now? Innocent people have lost their lives and seriously injured in brutal attacks by mat rempits and not a peep from these two fuckers.

So to Khairy and Azeez go look up the dictionary for the word "RETRIBUTION"

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

OBAMA..."Change... YES We Can"

Barack Obama has won the US08 Presidential Election. The 44th President of the USA is black and it has shown that it is possible for what everyone thought was the impossible to do.

..."America, we are better than these last eight years. We are a better country than this. Change has come to the US.
Barack Obama"

Its hard to imagine anything like this happening in Malaysia. When the immaturity of the politicans and people are still so evident as in the PKNS General Manager appointment. America can change but i do not see that ever happening in my lifetime for Malaysia as long as the people do not change their appetite for money politics.

..."And I've looked over, and I've seen the promised land. I may not get there with you, but I want you to know tonight that we as a people will get to the promised land. So I'm happy tonight. I'm not worried about anything. I'm not fearing any man.
Martin Luther King Jr. (1929 - 1968), Speech in Memphis, April 3, 1968, the day before King was assassinated."